NAF PIV Clean Agent (LPC Approved)

Product Description

Formulated to optimize both the physical and extinguishing characteristics closely to those of Halon 12111.

Used when an inert, electrically non-conducting media is essential or desirable.

Used for computer, data center, server, Epabx, Critical Software rooms.

Evaluated by the loss Prevention Council UK.

Fire ratings of 70B and 5A have been achieved in accordance with CEN standard EN3.

Ingredients used evaluated under the PAFT chronic toxicity testing programme and confirmed to have no known chronic toxicity.

LC 50 is 13.9% and therefore allows safe use of NAF PIV.

Available in capacity: 1kg, 2kg, 5kg, & 5kgs modular & portable.

Wet Rise / Sprinkler / Water Fire Hydrant System

Product Description

Product Description

t is used mainly in high rise buildings - commercial & residential, industries, chemical plants & oil refineries where fire cannot be fought externally.

Water is the best and most basic way of combating fire.

The Wet Riser system involves taking pressurized water through the entire building and having outlets like first Aid House Reel and Hydrant valve on each floor.

This is a statutory requirement for obtaining N.O.C. from the Fire Brigade.

ABC Multipurpose Stored Pressure

Product Description

Suitable for class A,B and C Fires.

Used in the case of common fire risks.

Especially suited to combat paper, cloth and electrical fire and LPG fire such as chemicals, petroleum, oils and paints.

It creates a blanket effect that provides a swift fire fighting action and prevents re-ignition of flames.

Stored Pressure.

Capacity : 10 kg's, 5kgs and 1kg.

Specifications conform to IS : 13849 and NFPA International Specifications.

Mechanical Foam

Product Description

Suitable for class A and B.

The used of AFFF foam extinguishers is ideal in case of common fire risks and especially suited to flammable fires such as paint, petroleum and oils.

The blanket effect causes a swift fire fighting action and prevents re-ignition of flammable vapours.

Two Type

Co2 Gas Cartridge.

tored Pressure.

Specifications conforming to IS: 940 and IS: 6234 (for 9 litres) and IS: 13385 (for 50 litres) and NFPA International Standards.

Carbon Di-oxide Type

Product Description

SSuitable for Class B and C fires.

Especially suited for extinguishing electrical fires, flammable fires caused by petroleum products and flammable gases such as LPG propane and butane.

Two Type



Capacity of Portable type; 2kgs, 3kgs and 4.5 kgs.

Capacity of Mobile type: 2kgs, 9kgs and 22.5 kgs.

Specifications conforming to IS: 2878 and NFPA International Standards.


Product Description

Suitable for Class A Fires fires.

Used for virtually all common fire risks but especially suited to paper, cloth, and any electrical fire such as chemicals, petroleum oils and paints.

The blanket effect of Dry Powder provides a swift fire fighting action and prevents re-ignition of flammable gases.

Two Type

Cartridge /Stored Pressure / Moble.

Capacity for cartridge and stored pressure type: 10 kgs, and 5 kgs-portable.

Capacity for mobile type: 25kgs, 50kgs and 75kgs.

Specifications conforming to IS 2171 for portable, IS: 10658 for mobile, and NFPA International Standards.